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LIFO - Bâtiment IIIA
Rue Léonard de Vinci
B.P. 6759
F-45067 ORLEANS Cedex 2

Tel: +33 (0)2 38 41 70 11
Fax: +33 (0)2 38 41 71 37

Software development at LIFO


3D4J is a java librairy that allows a 3D spatial placement of objects.


The Agape library is an open source Java implementation of exponential or parametrized graph algorithms of the literature and developed during the French ANRAgape.


A Boolean-based approach to load and evaluate sparseness of transaction datasets. Auteurs: Zahir Maazouzi, Ansaf Salleb and Christel Vrain.


Discovery of maximal frequent itemsets relying on Binary Decision Diagrams. Authors: Zahir Maazouzi, Ansaf Salleb and Chritel Vrain.

Bulk Synchronous Parallel ML (BSML)

BSML is an Obective Caml library for direct-mode BSP (Bulk Synchronous Parallelism) programming.


Explorer-3D is a vizualization tool under development within the Contraint and Learning Project. Explorer-3D aims at using a 3-D space to vizualize and parameterize distances (or dissimilarities). Authors : Lionel Martin and Matthieu Exbrayat.

Implementation of tree automatas and tree synchronized language grammars.

TAJA (Tree Automata in JAva) is a graphical tool that allows main operations on finites automatas of tree tuples. TTSLI (Tree Tuple Synchronised Languages Implementation) is a non-graphical tool for manipulating tree synchronized language grammars.

Acceptable interference within process algebras

BNAI analyzer allows verification/diagnostics for acceptable interference property (non-deterministic of bisimulation) between private and public chanels for a communication protocol specified within a process algebra.

Minimally Synchronous Parallel ML (MSPML)

MSPML is a library for scalable computing with Objective Caml. If follows the MPM model of parallel programming.


Implementation of several Markov Logic Network algorithm (T. H. Dinh's Ph.D.), relying on the alchemy library.

Near-factorizations finder

This software searches finite groups quasi-factorization, i.e. partitionable Cayley graphs.

Program Calculation In Coq

"Program Calculation In Coq" is a Coq library to write Bird-Merteens style proof.

The QeCode System

The QeCode project aims at building a comprehensive, extensible and open-source quantified constraint solver on top of Gecode.


A Data Mining tool for mining Quantitative Association Rules Authors: Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi, Christel Vrain, Cyril Nortet, Xiangrong Kong, Vivek Rathod, and Daniel Cassard. Institutions: CCLS Columbia University (USA), LIFO University of Orléans (France), BRGM (France) Reference : QuantMiner for Mining Quantitative Association Rules. A. Salleb-Aouissi, C. Vrain, C. Nortet, X. Kong, V. Rathod, D. Cassard JMLR Journal of Machine Learning Research, Open Source Software

Scalable High Performance Virtual Reality


"SDPP" is a Coq library containing the theory of an algorithmic skeleton called BH together with results concerning deriving of correct-by-building parallel functional programs.


Learning Characteristic Rules in Geographic Information Systems. Authors: David Cossard supervised by Ansaf Salleb (LIFO), Christel Vrain (LIFO) and Daniel Cassard (BRGM).