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2nd year: Matter and Radiation MR

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Discover the Condensed Matter and Radiation courses (“Parcours” MR), a high-level research training!

The 2nd year courses in Matter and Radiation (MR) offers a high-level research training in the field of Condensed Matter Physics and Interactions between Radiation (waves or particles) and Matter, benefiting from an instrumental platform Orleans of the highest international level in its originality and quality. The programme targets students who have a solid background in physics (Master 1 level) and wish to carry out high level research in innovation startups, industrial companies, research centers, and government agencies.


The topics addressed concern condensed matter: heterogeneous and / or disordered materials, nanostructures, and secondly, interactions between radiation and matter: irradiation, plasmas, imaging methods, spectroscopies, radiation scattering... In this second field, two visions will be developed: the major contribution of radiation in condensed matter to probe the matter more and more finely and the radiation as a tool for the design or optimization of materials (innovative materials). The wide openness of the region Centre-Loire Valley community to national and international projects and networks as well as the major instruments with which it is associated, will offer a high visibility to this training, many opportunities for openings including doctoral thesis internationally or in partnership with industry. The programme includes a spring-summer internship of at least 4 months in a research institute (academic or private). Students can also follow courses in data science from the new Graduate School in Numerical Science (GSON).


Students have access to several laboratories and facilities that carry out cutting-edge research in Master's themes as material science, nanoscience, plasma, irradiation (ICMN, GREMI, CEMTHI), to name a few. Most of the research teams are actively involved in international projects.


Intake of foreign students in the 2nd year M2 of this “Parcours” of the Master of Physics is possible within the "International" scheme. The courses are delivered in French and/or in English, slides in English if the course is in French. Non-French speaking students have also access to French classes. This "International" scheme is also opened to French speaking students.


Second year program: MR Modules (semesters 3 –autumn and 4 -spring )


        - Condensed matter: nanotechnology, surface-interface physics, porous media ...
        - Particle-matter interactions
        - Radiation-matter interactions
        - Experimental physics in condensed matter
        - Internship of 4-5 months
        - Project and colloquium
        - Project approach and quality
        - Seminars


This programme is part of a 2-year master in physics (named PhyFA). Students who have a bachelor in physics can also apply first for a one-year training in fundamental physics, which, however, is in French.




Applicants must have a first year master degree (or equivalent) in physics; this programme delivers a second-year master diploma. The admission committee assesses applicants based on their academic qualifications, their motivation for pursuing a research career and their proficiency in French (B1 level required) for English speaking students (B2 level required in English).


All applications must be done via these portals: or

  • In French:
  • In English: in the Campus France web site of your country or Erasmus procedure


The deadline for application is end March (see websites). Applications received after the dates will be accepted subject to availability. Courses start on the third week of September and end in Dec. The internship that follows ends in July or August.

After this master

The main purpose of this Master is the pursuit in a PhD for high-level scientific research. Following the thesis: - careers in academic research: universities, CNRS (government research laboratories), CEA, etc. - research career in the industrial world linked to the Master's themes. However, job opportunities are also possible directly at this master level in R & D departments.

Graduates from this training will be scientists, researchers, project managers, consultants, and experts capable of taking charge of organization, technology watch, innovation, R & D or production missions in the private sector as well as in the public sector of research organizations and universities, including internationally.




For more information especially for admission, please contact: