Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

  • General Topologies and P Systems.
    Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú, Marian Gheorghe and Mike Stannett
  • P Systems with Minimal Left and Right Insertion and Deletion.
    Rudolf Freund, Yurii Rogozhin and Sergey Verlan
  • Lower Bounds on the Complexity of the Wavelength-Based Machine.
    Sama Goliaei and Mohammad-Hadi Foroughmand-Araabi
  • String Matching with Involutions.
    Cristian Grozea, Florin Manea, Mike Müller and Dirk Nowotka
  • Distributed execution of automata networks on a computing medium: introducing IfAny machines.
    Frederic Gruau and Luidnel Maignan
  • Symbol Representations in Evolving Droplet Computers.
    Gerd Gruenert, Gabi Escuela and Peter Dittrich
  • Inductive Complexity of Goodstein's Theorem.
    Joachim Hertel
  • Towards a biomolecular learning machine.
    Matthew R. Lakin, Amanda Minnich, Terran Lane and Darko Stefanovic
  • Tractional Motion Machines: tangent-managing planar mechanisms as analog computers and educational artifacts.
    Pietro Milici
  • Computing with sand: on the complexity of recognizing two-dimensional sandpile critical configurations.
    J. Andres Montoya
  • Genome Parameters as Information to Forecast Emergent Developmental Behaviors.
    Stefano Nichele and Gunnar Tufte
  • Heterotic computing examples with optics, bacteria, and chemicals.
    Susan Stepney, Samson Abramsky, Matthias Bechmann, Jerzy Gorecki, Viv Kendon, Thomas J. Naughton, Mario J. Perez-Jimenez, Francisco J. Romero-Campero and Angelika Sebald
  • Reliable Node Placement in Wireless Sensor Networks using Cellular Automata.
    Sami Torbey and Selim G. Akl
  • Robust Evaluation of Expressions by Distributed Virtual Machines.
    Lance Williams


  • Numerical evaluation of the average number of successive guesses.
    Kerstin Andersson
  • Towards a theory of quantum degrees of incomputability.
    Anderson De Araújo
  • Discrete Discs and Aggregation of Broadcasting Sequences.
    Thomas Nickson and Igor Potapov
  • Optical Analog Feedback in Euglena-Based Neural Network Computing.
    Kazunari Ozasa, Jeesoo Lee, Simon Song, Mizuo Maeda and Masahiko Hara
  • Gardening Cyber-Physical Systems.
    Susan Stepney, Ada Diaconescu, Rene Doursat, Jean-Louis Giavitto, Taras Kowaliw, Ottoline Leyser, Bruce MacLennan, Olivier Michel, Julian F. Miller, Igor Nikolic, Antoine Spicher, Christof Teuscher, Gunnar Tufte, Francisco J. Vico and Lidia Yamamoto
  • Towards a Theory of Self-constructing Automata.
    Christian Wurm
  • Flower Pollination Algorithm for Global Optimization.
    Xin-She Yang