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On this page, you will find all the information you need to prepare your trip.


Step 1: Confirm Your Selection

Your university must first send the list of students selected to participate to the Erasmus programme as well as your contact details to our International Relations Office (BRI).

Deadlines for nominations: 

  • Year or autumn semester: 20 May 2023
  • Spring semester: 1 October 2023


Step 2: Registration

Applications are made on the International Central Office (DRI) website and must be completed online (no written document will be accepted)


Step 3: Accommodation

The International Central Office (DRI) helps Erasmus students to find an accommodation either in a CROUS student residence or in a French family. To receive it, you must request a housing solution at the time of your registration.

There will be no accommodation attributed if the mandatory documents are not complete in the registration file!


Step 4: Learning Agreement

Before your arrival at the LLSH College, you must prepare a learning agreement with your coordinator in order to make a list of the courses you will have to attend as well as to define the number of ECTS you will have to obtain.

When  you arrive in September, the educational coordinator and officer of the International Office (BRI) will help you build your definitive learning agreement and your schedule.

You will find brochures on all our degrees in the section dedicated to training courses.

Caution: changes may be made upon your arrival depending on schedules. The information contained in the brochures may be subject to change and should be taken as a guide only.


Step 5: Induction Week

Before the beginning of classes in September and in January, there is an induction week to allow Erasmus students to process their administrative and educational registration, meet their teachers and visit the campus as well as the city of Orléans.


French Classes

Your stay at the University of Orléans requires a B2 level in French. However, the University offers French tutoring classes throughout the university year.


Useful Documents

Fact Sheet LLSH College
Courses in English  


Your contact at the International Office (BRI): Marion Vilgard /