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DOING@DIAMS is a working group in the regional network DIAMS

DOING: working group in the regional network DIAMS

DOING activities started in January 2019. Meetings have been organised to start collaborative work on how to extract information from texts to populate a knowledge database over which an intelligent querying system could be proposed. The discussions were intended to focus on research aspects gathering different domains, particularly: natural language processing, databases, and artificial intelligence.

Founding members are researchers from LIFO, LIFAT and LLL laboratories. The initiative of ICVL federation for building the DIAMS network over multidisciplinary working groups motivated the creation of DOING (2018). Partners from LIG and IRISA were quickly integrated to our discussions, together with Brazilian colleagues coming from the computer science departments of the University of Paraná and of the University of Rio Grande do Norte. Later, colleagues of other French research groups (ERTIM-INALCO and Pôle Leonard de Vinci) have joint the group.

As a working group for the regional network DIAMS, DOING is quite dynamic and proposes expansions in the national context (with a working group in the MADICS network) and in the international context (with workshops associated with international conferences).