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Discover the IUTO’s 6 areas of expertise: Chemistry, Management, Mechanics, Energy, IT and Industrial Logistics

The IUT of Orléans trains higher-grade technicians in 6 training areas:

Chemistry, including industrial chemistry, formulation and analysis-control applied to a wide range of fields such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
More information in the Chemistry department section

Management and administration including accounting and financial management, business management and human resources management.
More information in the GEA department section

Mechanics and automated production including all stages in the design, manufacture and inspection of mechanical parts for industry, with a focus on the automobile sector that is unique in France. 
More information in the GMP department section

Energy and thermal energy including all issues around heating and cooling management in industrial and individual environment, with a focus on geothermal energy that is unique in France.
More information in the MT2E department section

Computer science including all stages of software designing and programming for businesses or for the general public in contexts such as web and mobile programming. 
More information in the IT department section

Quality and industrial logistics including the study of industrial processes with a view to improving and optimizing production lines and supply flows based on customer orders.
More information in the QLIO department section