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Study via an Exchange Program

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Students taking part in supervised mobility programs: Erasmus+ / Exchanges outside Europe / Specific programs (ADIUT, SFERE), you can find on this page all the information you need to study in Orléans.

General information

  • University calendar (available soon)
  • Teaching language: 


Classes are mostly taught in French. You must have at least a B2 level in French to take classes at the Orléans IUT. 

> Click here to see the catalogue of training programs in French at the IUT'O

  • Examination procedures

All courses are taught with a continuous assessment method: there is no final exam but assessments are made throughout the year. 


Grading system
 Local grade  ECTS Grade Definition
17 - 20 A Excellent
14 - 16 B Very good
12 - 13 AB Good
10 - 11 C Passed
08 - 09 D Failed but second chance
00 - 07 E Failed


Steps to follow to study at the IUT'O

  • Make sure that your home organization (home university, ADIUT, SFERE) has announced your application the IUT’O’s International Affairs Office (BRI).
  • Register on the pre-registration online portal (the link will be sent to you by the BRI).

You can apply for accommodation in a hall of residence (on campus or in the Orléans city center) when you pre-register online.

Caution: since the number of student halls of residence is limited, applications must be made as soon as possible (upon receipt of the acceptance letter from the BRI).

Any accommodation application made after the end of May (for the first semester or the full year) or after the end of October (for the 2nd semester) may not be accepted. (You can contact the BRI for help with your search.)

  • Prepare your stay in Orléans with the University’s “Welcome guide