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Here you will find more information on the institutions and organisations that are partners with the Bouillon.

CROUS Orléans Tours


The University of Orléans and the CROUS of Orléans-Tours partner for all cultural projects offered and presented at the Bouillon. Both institutions associate their teams and their passion to make the Bouillon a true place of life and culture for all students and staff members on the Orléans campus, as well as for all the outside audience.  This partnership extends to activities offered outside of the walls and on the remote sites of the University of Orléans, within the Centre-Val de Loire Region. The Bouillon carries as one voice the contests offered by the CROUS of Orléans-Tours and participates in Culture-Actions.

DRAC Centre- Val de Loire


The University of Orléans, the CROUS of Orléans-Tours and the DRAC Centre-Val de Loire are partners for all activities of art education and for the annual artistic residence offered by and/or with the Bouillon. A multi-annual framework agreement seals this cultural partnership.




Authors, compositors, editors… the SACEM protects, represents and defends the interests of more than 176,150 members in France and internationally. At the service of creation, it owns the broadest repertoire in the world and is committed to musical diversity by supporting numerous projects.



The CDNO is a partner for the Opening Course Unit (UEO) “Contemporary theatre, reading and practice”. In addition, an agreement of views and a desire to develop artistic projects together links the Bouillon to the CNDO.

Finally, a big thank you to the CDNO to offer free shows for all students under 26!


The CCNO (National Choreography Centre of Orléans) has been a partner for our choreography workshop for more than 20 years. Many activities are programmed jointly: performances, exhibitions or shows with co-directing.


Equinoxe is the National Scene of Châteauroux. 

On the programme: welcome and presentation of the shows, theatre, dance, music, circus, etc. organisation of workshops, internships in various fields. Arthouse cinema. 


The “Maison des écrivains et de la littérature” (House of writers and literature) is a place for resources, information and documentation that participates in the promotion of contemporary and patrimonial literature through its public cultural actions, thus promoting the new forms of creation and literary life.