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Find out about all the missions of the UO’s cultural service. 

The University of Orléans’ Cultural Service takes care of the Bouillon’s programme.

It is also in charge of organising many cultural actions for students on the Orléans campus and on the other sites of the University:

Playback au Bouillon - avril 2015

Art Education

Through art workshops, opening courses (UEO) and artist residencies: dance, cultural heritage, theatre, current music genres, digital arts…

Vue nocturne de l'extérieur du Bouillon

Supporting Student Projects

With projects such as the festival Le Grand Bain (from April to June), Culture ActionS, the Solidarity and Development Funds for Student Initiatives (FSDIE)…


Passing on Cultural and Artistic Activities that Already Exist on Campus
pratique artistique
Developing Amateur Practices

With the organisation of art contests (short stories, short films, comics, paintings, digital arts) and springboards in dance and music (“Musiques de RU”, the “Bouillon*Up” and “Danse avec ton CROUS”).


At the Cultural Service, you will find all the information you need to participate in the activities available and some useful advice on how to get support for your projects.

Do You Have an Active Art Practice?

Make yourself known to our service in order to discuss what support we can offer you!