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National test of French proficiency


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The TCF is a general French language proficiency test designed for all members of the non-Francophone public who wish to have their proficiency in French evaluated and validated in a simple, rapid and reliable way for professional or personal purposes and for their studies.

The TCF is a test designed by FEI (France Education International), which draws up the test subjects and corrects the papers and is the official French proficiency test of the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research. The University of Orleans is the Test Centres for the TCF.


All candidates receive a certificate of results that places them in one of the six levels (from A1 to C2) on the proficiency scale defined by the Council of Europe (Common European Framework of Reference:   CEFR). It is therefore impossible to fail on the TCF and this is the reason it is a test rather than a diploma.

The TCF, in particular, allows a foreign public holding a Baccalaureate secondary-school graduate level to enrol in the university based on the proficiency level achieved. Test results are valid for 2 years.

The University of Orleans offers the TCF DAP and the all public TCF. The University is not organising the TCF for the French nationality or the TCF for immigrating to Quebec.



For those applying to study at the undergraduate level (Licence 1 in France) or in an architectural school, the TCF DAP is an enrolment application prerequisite for future students. This test is compulsory except for students who already hold a DELF B2 or a DALF.

It is a 2:25 test divided in several parts:

  • listening comprehension
  • language structure – grammar and lexicon –
  • reading comprehension
  • and written production.

Registration on the FEI website :

Next session for the TCF DAP :  January 2023

TCF DAP tariff - session 2022 : 73€


The TCF " all public" :

For those applying to enrol at the post-graduate level (Licence 2 and Licence 3, Master 1, Master 2 and doctoral levels in France) or in one of the grande école institutions: the TCF is systematically required by higher education establishments. The required level to enter at the University of Orleans is B2.

It is a 1:25 hours test divided in 3 compulsory parts :

  • Listening comprehension (29 questions) 25 minutes
  • Language structure – grammar and lexicon – (18 questions) 15 minutes
  • Reading comprehension (29 questions) 45 minutes

Applicants can also do 2 optional tests :

  • Spoken production, 12 minutes
  • Writing production (6 parts) 60 minutes

Next session for the TCF tout public : 11 October 2022


For more information about the certifications, see the FEI website

TCF "all public" tariffs - session 2022

Test Tariffs

Compulsory test - 3 parts


Optional test - Writing production

Optional test - Spoken production 40,00€


The registration for the TCF "all public" session October 2022 opens until September, the 14th 2022.


The TCF Application form can be sent back to the following address :

Institut de français de l’Université d’Orléans
10 rue de Tours – BP 46527
45065 Orléans cedex 2

or by email to :

The passing certificates can be obtained from the Institute of French language.