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Pre-academic Programme

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1 week to get ready to start studying in Bachelor's or Master's degrees!



Are you an international student entering a French University in September?

We are offering a 20-hour long programme to help you get ready.


1 week to speed up your adaptation process to the French University:

  • To understand better the French academic system
  • To discover the specificities of French University expectations and methodology
  • To get ready for taking notes
  • To get ready for academic work


When ?

Please contact us.


For whom ?

International students registered in Licence or Masters in a French University from September 2022, whose mother tongue is not French.


What level in French to get to register?

B2 level as a minimum



150 euros


How to register?


Deadline to register: please contact us.


Possibility to book a room at a host family for the duration of the programme.