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Discovery stay

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Groups of International students (at least 5 students) could come to the INSPÉ Centre Val de Loire for a short period.

During their stay (one to two weeks), according to the expectations of their home university, these groups of students can:

  • Complete a short school placement, in primary education (”école maternelle“ or “école primaire“) or in secondary education (“collège” or “lycée”),
  • Attend courses at INSPÉ Centre Val de Loire,
  • Meet experts in areas related to education (pupils with disabilities, migrants, art in education,…).

Once the home university and the INSPÉ Centre Val de Loire defined the program, the group of students will receive by mail a booklet with all the necessary information.

9 students of the Odisee University College for
a discovery stay at the training centers of Blois
and Orléans of the INSPÉ Centre Val de Loire


Partners Universities interested in these mobilities should directly contact the International Relations office: Students should request information from their home university.