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Studying Abroad

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Whether you are registered in a BUT (University Bachelor of Technology) or a in Professional Degree, the Indre IUT provides you with its network of partner universities.


Every year, more than 40 students from the Indre IUT carry out an internship or a semester abroad!

Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada*, Spain, Ireland*, Japan, Macedonia*, Madagascar, Morocco, Norway*, Romania* are our students’ most frequent destinations.
(*partnership agreement with these universities abroad).


The students of the BUT TC tell you about their semester abroad in Chicoutimi, Canada!


A semester abroad

As a student of the University of Orléans at the Indre IUT, you have the opportunity to spend part of your course in one of our partner establishments. Take advantage of this opportunity!

An internship abroad

An enriching personal experience and a considerable asset for your future professional insertion, an internship abroad is an undeniable plus on your resume. So don't hesitate!


Tara and Marie, students at the IUT de l'Indre, spent a year studying for a DUETI ( University Diploma in International Technological Studies) at the University of Østfold in Norway. Here's a short introduction to the University!


By doing a semester or an internship as part of your course abroad, you can benefit from various financial aids.

Do not hesitate, contact the International Relations Office :


Châteauroux : 

Head of IR - Mr Pierre-Vincent MOREAU - Office 204 -  02 54 08 25 50

Secretariat - Ms Marie-José GILLET - Office 201 - 02 54 08 25 50

Issoudun :

Head of RI - Ms Alysson FOURNIER and Ms Ana MARIN-FAJARDO - Office 220 - 02 54 03 59 03

Secretariat - Sandrine LETELLIER - Office 114 - 02 54 03 59 06

TOEiC® (Test of English for International Communication)

This test is a standardised certification to assess the level of English of non-English speakers in both written and oral communication.

Each year, the IUT of Indre offers an official session of the TOEIC®.

Si vous souhaitez valorisez et certifier votre niveau d’anglais, pour que cela constitue un vrai plus sur le marché du travail, n’hésitez plus. Contactez votre enseignant d’anglais pour plus de renseignements.