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Studying at the IUT

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Application for the 1st year of a BUT (university diploma of technology)

You wish to register in the 1st year of a BUT :

You must submit your application online on the Parcoursup website between 20 January and 11 March 2021.

For candidates residing in a country with a Centre pour les Etudes en France, you must absolutely apply online via the Etudes en France  application before March 2021 (the date may be advanced in some countries).

Registration for foreign student

You can get information on the syllabus of each degree programmme by visiting our website. Click on the degree programmes :

Foreign student in exchange

A student in exchange will study in the Indre IUT for a limited period (one semester) under an exchange agreement signed by the Indre IUT and his or her home university.

A student in exchange will not graduate from the Indre IUT but from his r her home university.

How to apply?

To be a student in exchange, an agreement must be signed between the Indre IUT and the home university of the student. Students are selected by the home university.

If you wish to study at the Indre University Institute of Technology, contact the international relations office of your home university to get information on when and how to apply.


Further information

For further information, please contact

M. Pierre-Vincent MOREAU
+33 2 54 08 25 50

+33 2 54 03 59 03

Office of International Relations