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The IUT’O in Short

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Introducing the Orléans IUT

The Orléans University Institute of Technology (IUT) is part of the first 13 IUTs and was created more than 50 years ago on the Orléans La Source campus. Each year, it welcomes about 1,400 students registered in its various courses. The Orléans IUT’s training programs cover 6 areas of expertise represented by the 6 study departments that were created in the following order:

  • 1966 : Chemistry
  • 1967 : GMP (Mechanical and Production Engineering) 
  • 1968 : GEA (Business and Administration Management)
  • 1984 : IT
  • 1992 : QLIO (Quality, Industrial Logistics and Organization)
  • 2010 : MT2E (Energy Transition and Efficiency Professions)

The IUT’O prepares students for 6 BUT (University Bachelor of Technology) specializations corresponding to the 6 study departments. All of these training courses are available for continuing education programs and/or work-study programs.

Aiming for professionalization and success

The IUT’O is composed of 110 teachers and teachers-researchers as well as 40 administrative staff members who are all committed to the success of our students. This translates into an 80% success rate in BUT and more than 95% success rate in Professional Degree. 

Professionalization is at the heart of our concerns with:


Favorable study conditions

Located on the Orléans-La Source university campus, IUT'O students benefit from all the university's facilities, including CROUS services (restaurants and student accomodation), sports facilities, university libraries, the Bouillon auditorium and medical facilities.

IUT'O students run a dozen student associations that organize numerous events throughout the year.