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How to Access Medical Studies?

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Je suis en terminale et je veux faire des études de santé



Download the diagram “I am in Year 13 and I wish to register in health studies: 2 examples” (in French)


Etudes de santé

Two pathways to access medical studies are available for applicants in Orléans.

They allow students to join health studies entitled “medicine, midwifery, odontology, pharmacy, physiotherapy” (MMOPK).


Two access pathways (PASS and L.AS) are available at the University of Orléans for students who wish to join MMOPK studies. 

These pathways enable to diversify the profiles of students selected and to guarantee an access to further studies as well as varied professional integration possibilities for all. 

You can access these studies after 1, 2 or 3 years of higher studies at the university, or continue towards a bachelor’s degree. 

The University of Orléans will offer these two pathways in 1st year from the start of the university year 2022. After this first year, students will be able to register in Orléans, according to their results and their choices, in medicine or physiotherapy studies, or in the bachelor’s degree of the other discipline they chose. For those who wish to continue their studies in pharmacy, midwifery and odontology, they will have to continue in the University of Tours. 

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