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The OSUC's organisation explained


Organisation de l'OSUC

The Board of the OSUC

The Board of the OSUC is governed by Françoise Genova (Unistra-Strasbourg). Its role is to define the OSUC's guidelines and to monitor their implementation by the Governing Committee.

It is comprised of 11 appointed individuals, 16 elected members (teachers-researchers, researchers, engineers, technicians, administrative staff, and students), and guest members.


Governing Committee

The head of the OSUC is appointed by the Minister of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation for a duration of five years. He or she is assisted in his or her tasks by the Governing Committee: the heads of the ISTO, the LPC2E, and Nançay's Radio astronomy station, as well as the head of the administrative services and the director of the training programme.


Training Programmes Committee

The Training Programmes Committee fulfils the function of an education board. It comprises teachers-researchers and CNRS researchers who are heading the different training programmes offered by the OSUC. Members of Polytech Orléans, of the BRGM, and Orléans' INRA who are part of the training programmes are permanent guest members of this committee.


Research and Observation Committee

The Research and Observation Committee comprises researchers and teachers-researchers who represent all of the laboratories and teams of the OSUC and covering all of the themes studied within the observatory.

Its tasks are to:

  • host and monitor research teams' activities and multidisciplinary actions led by teams and units under the OSUC;
  • to suggest guidelines on research policy to the unit's governing committee;
  • to monitor the activity of the observation services and the different technological platforms, and to issue an opinion on their creation, their renewal, and their modification.