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The OSUC's Missions

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A wide range of missions to serve the scientific community, students and the general public

The Space Sciences Observatories (OSU) have a triple mission to animate scientific research, circulate scientific knowledge and observe natural environments and systems on the long term. 



Thanks to the laboratories included in the OSUC's research federation, the OSUC develops cross-disciplinary research axes, which can evolve with time, between the various research teams. It thus aims to start and animate such cross-disciplinary research. 



The OSUC is one of the OSUs ensuring university training. Indeed, the OSUC provides training courses in Earth Sciences and Environment in Bachelor's and Master's levels. It also has a mission to spread knowledge amongst the general public, a task that is regularly achieved by the teachers-researchers anc researchers from the OSUC's research federation laboratories. 



Every OSU has specific tasks aiming to ensure long-term continuation and continuity of the services concerning systems (and/or long-term experimentation) observing Earth's natural environments or deep space objects. It acts as a liaison between the teams that are responsible for these services and prioritise their needs.

This implies the proper functioning of observation sites and/or national instruments, the collection and archiving of data in sustainable information systems, the maintenance and evolution of community numerical models, and the instrumental development necessary for the evolution of these activities.