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Orléans-Siegen Franco-German Dual Degree

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Welcoming a part of the future year group of the Orléans-Siegen Franco-German Dual Degree in Applied Languages (LEA).

The University of Orléans had the pleasure to welcome 4 German students from our partner, the University of Siegen, from 20 to 23 April 2023. They will join the group of 2nd year (L2) in LEA in September 2023 in Orléans and will begin their training course in order to finally obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Languages (LEA) “European Languages, Communication and Trade” delivered by the University of Orléans, and a Bachelor of Arts " Language, Communication and Economics in Europe " delivered by the University of Siegen.

This trip was the opportunity for them to discover their future environment and to meet the teachers and colleagues in Orléans, as well as the French students aiming at the same degree, who will carry out their 3rd year (L3) in the University of Siegen.