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Solidarity Actions Regarding the War in Ukraine

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Bombing of Karazin University in Kharkiv : France Universités condemns a crime against intelligence - March 24 2022:

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By attacking a university at the risk of killing or injuring students, professors and researchers, Ukraine's vital forces, its youth and its future prospects are being deliberately harmed.

Beyond the revolting nature of such practices, we are reminded of our duty of solidarity, which is primarily the responsibility of all European universities and the various national conferences of higher education and research institutions. Firstly, in the repeated appeal to governments not to weaken their efforts to put an end to the murderous acts of violence that we have been witnessing for several weeks; secondly, in the duty to welcome students and their professors, to allow some to continue their programs, and others to carry out their work, as calmly as possible: this welcome is currently being mobilized by France Universités, along with the institutions, but also by groups of teacher-researchers and researchers all over the country. Today, in connection with the PAUSE program and the MenS network, French universities welcome hundreds of Ukrainian students, from Kharkiv and elsewhere.

Message of our European alliance ATHENA :

We, the 41 Alliances of European Universities, representing about 300 European Higher Education institutions, stand together and send our strongest solidarity to the Ukrainian people after Russian Government’s attack. We also strongly condemn the bombardment of Kharkiv National University. Our Alliances have been built on a shared vision of a welcoming and peaceful Europe: we urge all stakeholders to restore peace, democracy and respect of human rights in Ukraine.
Many of our Alliances have partners located in the Ukraine’s region: they have started to host Ukrainian refugees, including members of Ukrainian academic community. In solidarity, other Alliances’ partners are setting up mechanisms to support them (fund raising, supply of basic goods, scholarships, etc.).
True to the European values of human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, and human rights, our Alliances will remain inclusive to all students and academics and will continue to provide support to all who are affected by this tragic situation.rtes à tous les étudiants et universitaires et continueront à apporter leur soutien à tous ceux qui sont touchés par cette situation tragique.

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The University of Orléans fully associates with the press release of France Universités issued on February 24, 2022:

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In the dramatic circumstances in Ukraine, France Universités affirms its solidarity with the universities of Ukraine, which are privileged partners for French universities, particularly in the scope of the European University Association (EUA). Present in the European alliances, our Ukrainian teaching and research colleagues must be able to return as soon as possible to the conditions that allow them to carry out their teaching and research.

The French presidency of the European Union must also be an opportunity to mobilize all energies for the safety of students and, more broadly, for peace.

It is the responsibility of the universities of Europe to work so that reason and intelligence prevail.


Welcoming researchers from Ukraine

The PAUSE programme supported by the Collège de France is opening a special appeal for emergency aid to Ukrainian researchers in danger, thanks to an emergency fund granted by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

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Besides, the University of Orléans is a founding member of the MEnS network (Migrants in Higher Education). This network currently includes 42 French higher education institutions involved in welcoming and supporting students and researchers in exile.
Contact for the hosting of researchers :


Welcoming students from Ukraine

For all questions concerning the continuity of your studies at the University of Orleans, we invite you to write to the following e-mail address :


Supporting students already enrolled at the University of Orléans and affected by the war in Ukraine

The University of Orleans supports all students impacted by the war in Ukraine, particularly through the following schemes:

AIDE desk
AIDE, for Accompagnement Individuel Des Etudiants, is a place of support, located between the lecture halls of the UFR Sciences, near the tram stop "Parc Floral", open to all students who encounter difficulties. You can get help regarding food, financial and accommodation. help, etc.

The University Health Service
The University Health service is available, including the possibility of meeting with a psychologist


The International Relations Office
The entire international relations team of the university is at your service if you wish to discuss your situation with us.

Le Crous Orléans-Tours

For students affected by the war in Ukraine and living in university residences, the CROUS pays special attention to their situation.


Would you like to help ?

Many of us, students and staff, would like to help the people affected by the war in Ukraine. The University of Orléans invites you to support the actions organized by the local authorities:

You can also make a donation on the Civil Protection website


Middle and High School students :

For youth under 16 (middle school) please contact :

For youth over 16 (high school) please contact : and