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Expertise and analyses

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(Rates voted by the Conseil d’administration/Board of the University of Orléans for 2024.)

Expertise – Consulting

  • Consulting, field work, data treatment, interpretation of results, writing of conclusions and reports: 790 € HT per day.
  • Travel: Charged at the standard University rate.


Analytical expertise


Detection of dye-tracers in waters and solutions by spectrofluorimetry

Hitachi F7000 Spectrofluorometer

  • Concentration measurement: 6.00 € HT per tracer and sample (rate valid for all fluorescent tracers).
  • Realization of the calibration line with the tracing product used: 43.00 € HT per tracer.
  • Realization of excitation and emission spectra: 2.00 € HT per spectrum.
  • Analysis of dye-tracers in activated carbon detectors ("fluorosensors") : Extraction + spectrofluorimetric analysis: 18,00 € HT per fluosensor for one tracer (4 € per additional tracer).
  • Supply of ready-to-use "fluorosensors": 7.00 € HT per fluosensor. 
  • Estimation of tracer purity : 113€ HT per product.
  • Realization of "3D" (double scan) excitation-emission fluorescence spectra (presence of tracers or other fluorescent compounds, characterization of dissolved organic matter ...): 11.75 € HT per spectrum.


Detection and quantification of ionic tracers by ion chromatography

    Thermo Scientific (DIONEX) ICS900 (anions)
    Thermo Scientific (DIONEX) ICS1100 (cations) 

  • Detection and quantification of ionic tracers : 13.00 € HT per ionic series (anions or cations) and per sample. Analysis for other anions or cations on request.
  • Realization of the calibration line with the tracing product used: 43.00 € HT per tracer.


Realization of spectra by molecular absorption spectrophotometry (natural color of water, presence of dyes)

    Hitachi U1900 Ratio Beam Spectrophotometer: 10.00 € HT per spectrum.
    Analysis of ions in waters and solutions on request (iodide detection limit: 5 µg/L)

Pretreatment of samples before analysis (filtration, dilution): 4.25 € HT per sample (2 € per additional pretreatment).


Supply of scientific equipment

(transport and insurance of the equipment under the responsibility of the borrower.)


    220.00 € HT per device and per week; 550.00 € HT a month.
    Supply of calibration solutions for field fluorometers: 60.00 € HT per tracer for one calibration set.

    90.00 € HT per sampler and per week; 290.00 € HT a month.

  • Supply of sampling flacons:

    Set of 24 ISCO spare bottles: 90.00 € HT a set.
    Box of 25 clean 30 mL brown glass flacons: 19.00 € HT a box.
    Flacons disposal : 30,00 € HT per box of 25 flacons

  • Supply of ready-to-use liquid tracers: Purchase price + 300.00 € HT per tracer for the preparation.