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What is an Artist Residence?

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Here is how the Bouillon welcomes and supports artists in their creation phase.

Doulce Memoire-la musique secrete de Leonard-auditorium du Louvre - 15/11/2019 - © Philippe Cibille


Receiving Artists during Their Creation Phase

Every year, the Bouillon welcomes artists during their creation phase for short or long residences and for theatre rehearsals. These residences can cover all types of live performances (current music, classical or contemporary music, theatre, dance…). They usually take place in the Theatre or in the Club, depending on the artistic project.

Supporting Cultural Creation

A residence allows to welcome one or several artists so that they carry out a creation and/or research work over a defined period of time. 

This creation process is facilitated by the provision of a creation place, as well as technical, human and sometimes financial means. The residence offers time, space and tools for artist to achieve their creation. It helps encouraging cultural projects on our territory, to promote our performance venue and to create close links of trust with the artists and the various cultural structures.