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Mobility of studies

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Our institute offers basic teacher training for the pre-school/primary level and secondary level in Master degree’s courses.

The courses take place in our training centre of Orléans. 2 Master Degrees are accessible :

  • Master MEEF 1° degré :
    • teacher training for the pre-school/primary level
    • multidisciplinary teaching for pupils from 3 to 11 years old.

Semester 8 in English with international students : go for it!

More info to join ISTEP

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  • Master MEEF 2° degré :
    • teacher training for the secondary level
    • teaching in one specific subject for pupils from 12 to 18 years old: Mathematics, Sports, Spanish, History-Geography, French, Sciences, Biology.

Courses are taught in French and we require a B2 level in French.

Students must pick up courses from the same level (1st or 2nd year) and from the same Master Degree to prevent courses from overlapping.

Cultural visit of the Clos Lucé with Mexican
and Spanish students


How apply?

To apply, students should first be nominated by their Home university. They should contact the International Relations Office to know the details of the application for a mobility of studies at the INSPÉ Centre Val de Loire.

This nomination should be sent at and give the following information:

  • Name and surname of the student,
  • Date of birth of the student,
  • Mail address of the student,
  • Level of French of the student,
  • Level of studies (Master MEEF 1° degré or Master MEEF 2° degré),
  • Period of the mobility (1st semester, 2nd semester or year),
  • Preferences for accommodation (Student Hall or host family).

Once nominated by their home university, students will receive a mail with the list of courses, a practical guide and a link to apply online on the Website of the university of Orléans.

Deadline to apply for :

  • a mobility of studies for the 1st semester or the full year: 15th of April
  • a mobility of studies for the 2nd semester: 15th of October.

Students, in agreement with their home university, should send us a learning agreement with the list of courses they wish to attend.