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Research is mostly conducted in 5 laboratories whose teacher-researchers work in collaboration with companies in the Centre-Val de Loire region.

Visuel de laboratoire


Main science themes in Chartres:

  • Electronics and synthesis of nanomaterials

  • Signal processing

  • International macroeconomics and economic geography

  • Management sociology

  • Reputation and renown of organisations


Research laboratories on Chartres site

  • PRISME: Multidisciplinary Research Laboratory in Systems Engineering, Mechanics and Energy.
  • CEMHTI: Extreme Conditions and Materials: High Temperature and Irradiation - UPR3079 CNRS
  • ICMN: Interfaces, Containment, Materials and Nanostructures - UMR7374
  • LEO: Orléans Economics Laboratory - UMR CNRS 7322
  • VALLOREM: Val-de-Loire Management Research
  • MICA: Mediation, Information, Communication and Arts - EA 4426.