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Chartres IUT (University Institute of Technology): a pleasant and humane learning environment.

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Chartres, quality of life near the Ile-de-France region

Located at the crossroads of 3 dynamic regions (Ile-de-France, Centre-Val de Loire, Normandie) and only 1 hour from Paris, Chartres is attractive for companies and has many industrial centres (pharmaceutics, cosmetics, logistics, etc.) on its territory.
Our IUT is located in the city centre near the train station and the various facilities ( transportation, culture, sports and CROUS facilities...); bordered by the park called "la petite Venise” (Little Venice), it offers a pleasant and practical living environment to students.
With about 330 students registered, the human-sized institution favours the development of our students and enables us to achieve an exceptional 93% success rate.


High-quality equipment:

Multimedia laboratories, production units, technical laboratories, manufacturing workshops, computer rooms, clean room...
With the help of local manufacturers, we offer students the opportunity to be trained on highly technical and professional tools.


Professional integration: a shared objective!

Our IUT, through its 3 BUTs (University Bachelor of Technology) and 3 Professional Degrees, covers a wide spectrum of industrial themes (research & development, production, support, management, logistics, purchasing, etc.) and perfectly meets the needs and requirements of the fields in its business area.
Our training courses are adapted to the business world. An integration rate of 85% proves the high employability of our graduates.