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Human and Material Resources

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Competent teams, state-of-the-art equipment.

Human resources

The teaching teams are staffed by 34 permanent teachers and 69 temporary teachers, including 46 professionals.

The administrative and technical organisation is ensured by a team of 13 staff members:

  • management and study secretariat units
  • human resources and financial services
  • education department
  • documentation service technical areas (IT, real estate, educational support)
  • unit dedicated to learning (CFA des Universités Centre - Val de Loire)

Each study unit is composed of:

  • 1 head of unit
  • 1 Director of Studies by year group and by type of training (initial or apprenticeship)
  • 1 secretariat
  • 1 schedule officer
  • 1 internship officer
  • 1 student prosecution officer

Material resources

The IUT has more than 6000 m² of premises entirely dedicated to science and technology education. These premises include classrooms, practical work rooms, lecture halls and language laboratories.


12 salles de TD 14 salles de TP1 amphithéatre et 1 salle de cours magistraux3 halles techniques9 salles informatiques250 ordinateurs6 bornes wifi et 3 classes mobiles2 laboratoires de langues1 centre de documentation1 cafétéria et des espaces collaboratifs