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The alumni network

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The IUT of Indre has graduated more than 8000 students in a little less than 30 years.

These graduates, in addition to having often maintained good friendships, have become technicians, managers, employees of the local or national economic fabric. The IUT constitutes its alumni base of former students and staff.

The IUT has the ambition to federate its graduates in order to further develop its network and allow meetings and professional development between future graduates, teachers and alumni!

Let's stay in touch and find the IUT on the Pro network LinkedIn.







Get together for the 30 years of the IUT de l'Indre in 2022!


IUT Indre - Amphi DUT TC 1992

1992. 1st photo of the lecture hall on Issoudun site. DUT TC.

IUT Indre - DUT TC 1992 - diapo

1992... we were still making slides!

IUT Indre - article NR - Ouverture IUT, site de Châteauroux 1996

1996. Opening of the building on Châteauroux site. DUT GEA and GEII.


Your diploma

Graduates can collect their diploma from February following the year in which they obtained their diploma, directly from the secretariat of the course concerned. Please remember to contact your secretariat beforehand.

In the event that the graduate is unable to travel :
- send the form below with the requested attachments (copy of an identity document and stamps for registered mail)