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The College’s Missions

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The missions of the College LLSH, its management board and the related multidisciplinary thematic hubs are to:

  • prepare and develop the training offer and science policy
  • organise and animate pedagogy through training teams
  • organise the monitoring and self-evaluation of training
  • contribute to the professional integration and monitoring of graduates
  • increase visibility of scientific fields, particularly at the international level
  • manage support functions and support functions
  • develop an Internal Contract of Objectives and Means (CIOM)


College of teachers (6 members)

• Mr Arnaud SUSPENE
• Mrs Gabriele RIBEMONT
• Mr Rachid NEDJAI
• Mrs Geneviève PIERRE
• Mrs Katja PLOOG

College of other teachers (6 members)

• Mrs Caroline CANCE
• Mr Franck GUERIT
• Mr Benoît BARUT
• Mrs Corinne LEGOY
• Mr Christian RENOUX

College BIATSS (6 members)

• Mrs Delphine RICHET
• Mr Tarek NASSER
• Mrs Marion VILGARD
• Mr Philippe FERRANDEZ
• Mrs Françoise DAOUDI
• Mr Frédéric PERROT

College of students (6 members)

• Mme Chloé ANSELME
• M. Mamadou CAMARA
• M. Dimitry DESPRES
• Mme Mélissa DRAGYN


External members (6 members)

Representatives of territorial collectivity: M.Florent MONTILLOT, Orléans city council, Mr Stéphane MUNOS, CCI of the Loiret.

Members appointed for their skills in the fields corresponding to the missions of the UFR LLSH:

Mrs Hélène MOUCHARD-ZAY, CERCIL, Mr Gérard SUSTRAC, President of Orléans Human Rights Forum network.