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The Bouillon also offers courses (UE) dedicated to culture and artistic practice.

Cross-disciplinary Opening Course in Theatre

The University of Orléans and the National Dramatic Centre of Orléans (CDNO) organise meetings and a theatre practice workshop with the season’s artists, wothin the framework of the opening course entitled “Contemporary theatre creation, reading and practice”, which takes place on Mondays from September to November:

5 sessions of 1h30 will be dedicated to the dramaturgy and the first "try-outs" on a stage at the University. The following 5 sessions will allow, in the CDNO workshop, to work on the universe of the artist associated with this project.

The work carried out during the workshop will then be shown with a performance at the Bouillon. This workshop is financed by the University of Orléans, the DRAC Centre-Val de Loire and the CDNO.

This course is open for both beginners and advanced students. 

Information and Registration

Contact the Bouillon by phone at 02 38 49 24 24 or by email at