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Centre region Space Sciences Observatory– OSUC

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"Observations and Training Courses are experiences meant to generate ideas"

The Space Sciences Observatories (OSU) are tasked with carrying out long-term observations in the field of space sciences. To that end, they bring together teams and research laboratories on core themes, such as astronomy, Earth physics, oceanography, or the environment. They have three tasks: observing, researching, and training.

The OSU are parts of the Institut National des Sciences de l’Univers (INSU/National Space Sciences Institute) of the CNRS, and are internal structures of the universities ("internal training schools").

The OSUC, founded in 2009, is an internal training school of the University of Orléans. It brings together several research teams and laboratories on the theme "Planet and Environment", subdivided into Atmosphere and Interfaces, Radio astronomy, compact object and gravitation, Astrobiology, and Planetary science

OSUC - bâtiment façade

The terms of creation, the structure, and the tasks of the OSUC are governed by Article L-713-9 of the education code.

It is both an internal training school and a cross-sectional unit of the University of Orléans.

It comprises supporting laboratories and associated teams.

In order to accomplish its tasks, the OSUC also has a mixed support service unit (UMS3316).

The OSUC is placed under the authority of 3 institutions that define its strategy.


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