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A Professor from the University of Orléans received at the Dominican Republic Embassy

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The director of the LLSH Spanish department was received at the Dominican Republic Embassy.

Her Excellency Rosa Hernández de Grullón has held a meeting within the diplomatic headquarters with Professor Catherine Pélage, professor at the University of Orléans, with whom she has discussed new cooperation initiatives to be implemented in the near future. In particular, the signing of agreements with universities in the Dominican Republic for the exchange of students and teachers; events to spread the historical and cultural Dominican heritage; collaborations with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT); and other important projects to be carried out around the figures of the Mirabal Sisters.

Professor Catherine Pélage, who teaches Latin-American culture at the University of Orléans, and who is also the director of the Spanish department at the College of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences, has highlighted the importance of encouraging these initiatives for the promotion of the history and literature of the Dominican Republic. She has also underlined the universal heritage of Patria, Minerva and Teresa Mirabal, and has reminded the traditional opening of her University on the questions of violence against women, the result of the historic link between the city of Orléans and the emblematic figure of Joan of Arc.

Minister Councillor Johanne Peña, responsible for Cooperation, and Councillor Laura Santana, responsible for Culture, also attended the meeting. 





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