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Visit of a UO Delegation in India

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A delegation composed of members from the UO and from the Studium went to India in November 2022.

Between 21 and 25 November 2022, a delegation with 5 people from the International Relations Department, Polytech and the Studium went to India in the region of Tamil Nadu, which is the subject of a decentralized cooperation agreement with the Centre Val de Loire region.

This trip was organised by the French Embassy. It enabled us to meet 5 universities:

  • Anna University
  • SRM University
  • Vellore University
  • Vel Tech University
  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras

SRM, Vellore and Anna were visited within the framework of a market research to develop new cooperation, an with Vel Tech and the IIT Madras, which are already our partners, were visited in order to improve and develop our collaboration. 

This trip was also the opportunity to meet the French Consul for the South of India.



Visit of Anna University



Visit of Vel Tech University


Visit of the Vellore Institute of Technology



Visit of the French Consulate in India