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Support for students and researchers in exile

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The University of Orléans is committed to welcoming students and researchers in exile (refugees, people benefiting from subsidiary protection and asylum seekers)


A message from the President of the University of Orléans

True to its values of humanism, education, solidarity and social responsibility, the University of Orleans has been supporting students and researchers in exile for several years.

With 4 winners of the PAUSE program since 2017, 42 students welcomed in the Diplôme Universitaire Passerelle Français Langue Étrangère since January 2020, the University of Orléans is committed to this often vulnerable public, by offering linguistic, academic and social support. Proficiency in French, understanding of the codes and expectations of the university and professional spheres, and assistance with studies, research or employment are the challenges of these programs.


The University of Orléans is a member of the MEnS association "Migrants in Higher Education" and signatory of the MEnS charter


Eric BLOND, President of the University of Orléans







DU Passerelle

The DU Passerelle FLE _ Etudiants en exil – is a training program available at the IDF since January 2020 and intended for all students in exile (asylum seekers, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection or refugees) that enables students to improve their language skills in French.

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PAUSE Program

The PAUSE programme PAUSE is a national incentive funding program for research organizations and higher education and research institutions planning to host a scientist in danger who is forced into exile. The University of Orléans has had 4 recipients to date.

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The University of Orléans is a member of the association MEnS Migrants in Higher Education

The association MEnS federates and coordinates higher education institutions (universities, schools, institutes) and associations, committed to the reception and integration of students and researchers in exile in France.

French universities have responded to this demand by setting up reception programs that include learning French, often through a university diploma, to which are added methodological, cultural and civic skills. These programs should enable these students to resume their studies in France, or even to continue them in their own country, if the situation has improved, and to integrate into society.

The university has adopted the MEnS charter like 35 other universities to this date.


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