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Development of tools for muscular fatigue study and Neurophysiological investigations of Peripheral Nervous System - UO (PRISME) and University of Maribor.

Axe Signal

Mots-clés : signal, santé, fatigue musculaire

Contact : Philippe Raviet et Olivier Buttelli (

The aim of this project is to develop new fatigue indicators of the neuromuscular command for ecological conditions of physical activity. The dedicated tool for its study is the measurement of the electrical activity of the muscle, called electromyographic activity (EMG). In everyday life, physical activities are dynamic, which makes the measurement and definition of EMG indicators problematic. Among the problems identified, EMG is corrupted by noise and artefacts and the signal properties vary over time. We therefore propose, using new high definition measurement techniques, to improve denoising and refinement of the acquired signals before developing new fatigue indicators based on changes in the EMG signal propagation.