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“Behind Closed Doors”: A Writing project during and after Lockdown

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The reading club of the Literature department of the University of Orléans (Gout-Thé-Culture) has doubled into a creative writing workshop! For its 2nd edition, which took place remotely, this workshop has launched a writing project during… and after lockdown! (According to the words of M. Barut)

This project was carried out in two steps: students offered texts of creative writing on the theme “Behind closed doors” and, after a first submission to the organisers of the reading club, they were asked to rewrite their texts by adding a formal or stylistic constraint (change of tone, genre, introducing irony, humour…).

You can discover the 2nd version of their texts below. 


Creations: Reading club of the Literature Department of the University of Orléans. 

Project leaders: Laelia Veron, Pierre-Alain Caltot, the University of Orléans’ Cultural Service

Graphic creation: L. Duval Communication officer for the Bouillon