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Prestige and tradition of Law at the University of Orléans.

Orléans Law School

Heads : Stéphanie Mauclair, Cédric Guillerminet

Orléans Law School is part of a renowned tradition, that of the University of Orléans founded in 1306, marked by famous jurisconsults such as Robert-Joseph Pothier or Daniel Jousse. This great legal tradition and its current development places the Law School as a reference faculty of Law. It offers its students all the steps of the LMD course (Bachelor, Master, PhD).

The study programmes are for a very diverse public: young baccalaureate holders, students in initial or continuing training.

Capacité (Chartres)

“Capacité en droit” is a training giving non-baccalaureate holders the possibility to register in higher education in Law.

Bachelor’s degrees (Bac+3)

A Bachelor’s Degree in Law is a general training in three years. It comprises teaching of basic subjects in Public and Private Law.

Three courses are offered :

  • General Law (Orléans, Bourges, Châteauroux)
  • European Law (Orléans)
  • Law-History (Orléans)

Professional degrees (Bac+3)

A Professional Degree is a national diploma delivered by a university giving the equivalent value of a Bachelor’s Degree, prepared in two terms after a Bac + 2. A Professional Degree aims to enable direct professional integration.

  • Professional Degree Legal Activities SPECIALISATION Government Procurement
  • Professional Degree Notarial Careers - Notaries and Real Estate

Master’s degrees (Bac+5)

The Law School offers 10 Master’s degrees, 5 of them being apprenticeships

Private Law

  • Law and Heritage Engineering
  • Civil and Legal Law
  • Business Law and Taxation
  • French and international Business Law (Kraków)

Social Law

  • Social Law and Human Resources Management

Public Law

  • Law and Local Public Management
  • Local Management of Cultural Heritage
  • Careers in Political Accompaniment: advice, administrative support and writing
  • Law and Public Litigation
  • Law and Habitat Policy

Other trainings

To meet specific training needs, the University of Orléans offers University Degrees (DU)

  • DU Law and Public safety of territories Management
  • DU Law, Religion, Societyé
  • DU Social Dialogue

IFPEC - Institute of training and preparation for examinations and competitive examinations

In Orléans faculty of Law, the IEJ offers students a preparation for competitive examinations and examinations to access legal and judicial careers (CRFPA, ENM) and for administrative examinations.

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