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Education Organisation

The university year is divided in 2 semesters (S1 and S2 in the first of a bachelor’s degree, S3 and S4 in second year, S5 and S6 in third year). The bachelor’s degree is composed of 6 semesters, i.e. 180 ECTS (European credits).

Each semester, students follow several themed courses called “teaching units” (“unité d’enseignement” – UE). The major part of bachelor’s level courses are tutorials (TD), which take place in small groups. Lectures (CM) are in a minority. 

Attendance Is Indispensable and Mandatory

Scholarship students must attend all classes (both CM and TD). Otherwise, they will loose their higher education scholarship. For non-scholarship students, the attendance obligation concerns only TD classes. Teachers monitor the attendance of students and inform the registrar’s office of the CES in case of absence. 

In all cases, any absence must be justified within 5 days. An unjustified absence may lead the teacher in charge of the course concerned to consider the student as “defaulting”, which de facto obliges the student to sit exams in session 2.


Assessment takes place each semester for each teaching unit (UE). A semester is passed when the average of UE grades is superior or equal to 10/20. Otherwise, students will need to “retake” in session 2 only the teaching units of the semester in which they do not achieve an average (UEs in which they do achieve an average are capitalised).