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French evening classes

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French language support


Public: all foreign students/researchers registered at the University of Orléans, and language assistants who would like to continue to improve their level of French.

Objective: Strengthen your French skills to promote university success.

Levels: Beginner to B2/C1
Each new student will take a placement test at the beginning of the semester (September or January) to define their level.

Courses: Possibility to register for 1 or 2 courses. From the advanced level, it is possible to register for an additional option:

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Cours de soutien

For more details, please see the course description at the bottom of the page

Duration : 10 weeks per semester


Registration :


Bachelor's degree, Master's degree (including Erasmus, Exchange and specific programs)

  • 2020/2021 tariff : 65€ per semester

Foreign PhD and Researchers /Language assistants :

  • 2020/2021 tariff : 150€ per semester

External public :

  • 2020/2021 tariff : 240€ per semester

See the registration forms  at the bottom of the page.

The students/researchrs/assitants should register directly to the French Institute before Friday, 25th September 2020. Then you will be invited to a placement test


    1st semester 2020/2021 Calendar

    Only students/researchers who have completed an application form and have paid the fees could take the placement test.

    • Placement test : convocation after registration
    • Classes begin : Monday, 28th September 2020
    • Schedule : after placement test


    How to have ECTS ?

    Only Erasmus students can obtain ECTS :

    • Written French : 2 ECTS/semester
    • Oral French : 2 ECTS/semester
    • Elective (only advanced and superior levels) : 2 ECTS/semester

    * There isn't any second exam session pour French support courses.