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Read about other students’ experiences abroad!


About an internship at France Air Portugal in Portugal (MT2E): "It's a superb experience! I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to improve in another language and enrich themselves culturally."

About an internship at the School of Chemisty, University of St Andrews in Scotland (Chemistry): "It was a very enriching experience, I had the opportunity to work with a team of doctoral students who were very friendly. I was able to learn about their working conditions, which remain very similar to what we learned at the IUT. My project was to synthesize and characterize organometallic complexes. Scotland is a beautiful country, and if you like golf then this is the destination for you! Over the 3 months, I was able to discover the culture of this country, visit many towns and meet some very friendly new people. If you get the opportunity to go, do it! For my part, I'll have very fond memories of it."

About an internship at Switch Vibration in Switzerland (GEA): "This experience has taught me a lot. Just because the language is the same doesn't mean the culture isn't different. I had to adapt to certain changes. I recommend Switzerland for its beautiful landscapes, but you have to be careful because life is much more expensive than in France and as a student it can sometimes be complicated. I'm glad I got out of my comfort zone to experience life abroad."


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