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Internships Abroad

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Do you plan to make an internship abroad? Find out more about financial help and how to apply on this page!


1. Choose your destination

When choosing the country in which you'd like to do your internship, it's imperative that you find out all you can about the country's political, security and health situation, as well as any other information you might need to ensure your stay goes smoothly. In particular, you should check that the country is not in a red zone.

The “Advice for travelers” page on the France Diplomatie website lists all you need to know on the country in which you plan to stay.

When you leave, remember to report your departure to the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs simply and freely by registering on the Ariane thread

2. Help for your internship research

Ask your department secretary about companies that have already recruited trainees from your course, both in France and abroad: some large companies have operations all over the world.

Here are a few websites to help you in your search:

3. Internship agreement

To issue your internship agreement, you will need to follow the same procedures as students seeking internships in France. These procedures are specific to each department and have been explained to you by your internship coordinator.

Once the company has given its agreement and the internship topic has been approved by the internship manager, your department's secretary issues the internship agreement. Bilingual templates are available in French/English, French/Spanish and French/German. The agreement must be signed by both the company and the IUT. 

Make sure that your internship dates allow you to return to France for your thesis defense.  In the event of a late return, you may be able to request that your defense be scheduled by videoconference, in agreement with your internship supervisor and the company.

NB: legislation governing internships is that which applies in the host country, so there is no obligation to pay a stipend (remuneration) for the internship.

4. Request for financial help

You can apply for financial aid for your study trip.

Some aid can be added up and their amount varies depending on your situation and your destination. 

Once you've found a company and signed (or are in the process of signing) an agreement, you need to submit your application for financial aid via the funding portal as early as possible, and up to 15 days before your departure.

You can save an incomplete financing application and return to complete the form later via your personal space if you wish.

CAUTION: never leave your home country relying solely on the allowances you are going to apply for. These are often paid late, and the transfer is made in 2 instalments: at the start of the mobility period (a few weeks after you submit your documents online following your arrival in the country) and at the end (a few weeks after you submit your documents online, also following your return).

5. Register on the portal

It is compulsory to register your internship on the registration and financing portal, even if you are not applying for financial aid.

In case of non-paid internship:

You will be asked to provide a certificate of coverage for work-related accidents and illnesses.

You must contact your local CPAM to ask them to provide you with this certificate.