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Assistant professor in Plant Biology at the University of Orléans


Pole Sciences Biologiques et Chimie du Vivant, CNU Section 68

UFR Sciences et Techniques (CoST)


Phone : +00 33 2484904


  • Training Manager 

Director of Master 2 « Agrosciences, environment, territory, landscape, forest » training « Integrative Biology and Global Change ».


  • Research 

Group leader of the Cellular Signaling team

The aim of our work is to identify and characterize a multi-step phosphorelay system probably involved in drought perception in poplar tree model.

Kee words: Osmosensing, multi-step phosphorelay system, Histidine-Aspartate kinase, HPt proteins, Response Regulators, signaling pathway


  • Academic career 

2007: Habilitation degree to supervise research (Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches), University of Orléans

1997-1999: Post-doctoral position in Geneva (Switzerland) in the “Biochemical and Plant Biology” Laboratory of Pr H. Greppin and Pr C. Penel

1997: PhD thesis (Information biologique, environnement et santé), in the « Biochemical and Plant Biotechnology », University of Tours


  • Publications

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Publications for broad audience

3. Caruso A., Morabito D., Depierreux C., Chefdor F., Delmotte F., Kahlem G., Carpin S. (2002) Caractérisation et fonction des déhydrines chez les plantes. Regard sur la Biochimie, 4, 19-22.

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