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Maria TAHA
Defense: september 2024
Supervisor: S. Thany
Co-supervisor: E. Taillebois
Subject: Mode of action of neonicotinoïc insecticides and intracellular regulation of insect neurones through nicotinic receptors activation

Yassine CHAFIK
Defense: november 2024
Supervisor: D. Morabito
Co-supervisor: S. Carpin
Subject: Use of amendments for rehabilitation by phytomanagement of mining soils polluted by metal traces elements

Defense: 2025
Supervisor: S. Thany
Subject: In vitro evaluation of pharmacological properties of neonicotinoïcs, sulfoximines and butenolides on cholinergic receptors nicotinic-type (nAChRs) in insects and mammals

Alexandre DUPLAN
Defense: 2025
Supervisor: S. Maury
Co-supervisors: L. Sanchez and H. Duruflé
Subject: Improvement of knowledge and pan-genomic prediction of complexe phenotypes by an integrative multi-omic approach in black poplar

Defense: 2025
Supervisor: S. Thany
Co-supervisors: E. Taillebois and L. Simo
Subject: Pharmacological study of neuronal receptors to acetylcholine in the tick Ixodes ricinus

Oumaima AYADI
Defense: 2026
Supervisors: Z. Bejaoui and S. Bourgerie
Co-supervisor: K. Tlili
Subject: Behaviour and mobility of trace metals in soils surrounding the Tamra mine: contribution to phytoremediation by Casuarina and role of microflora

Defense: 2026
Supervisor: D. Morabito
Co-supervisor: S. Bourgerie
Subject: Reduction of cupper effects on viticulture by the use of biocarbonated pyrolysed byproducts