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Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution of Forest Entomofauna

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Team leader: Pr Géraldine Roux

University researchers:
Stéphanie Bankhead PhD (HDR), François Lieutier Pr, Géraldine Roux Pr, Aurélien Sallé PhD

Engineer & technician:

Benoit, Cailleret, Ewen Marchand

Post-doc student:

Loïs Veillat


This team aims at understanding ecological and evolutionary mechanisms associated with biological invasions, and tree/forest-insect interactions in the context of global change. The studies are conducted at the organism, population and community levels, and consider how environmental conditions (e.g. micro-climatic conditions, tree health status and silvicultural practices…) influence insect performance and fitness, shape local insect community composition and structure, and ultimately forest biodiversity.

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