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This programme gives students the opportunity to spend a semester or an academic year in one of our partner universities in Europe by obtaining a scholarship from the European Union. Registration fees are paid at the home university.
Depending on the department in which you are studying, a precise list of universities offering courses corresponding to your course of study is determined.


1. Who?

  • No nationality requirement
  • Being registered at the University of Orléans for the second consecutive year at the time of departure
  • Having a Bachelor's degree of at least 1st or 2nd year at the time of departure (depending on the department, see the board below for more information)


2. When?

  • Duration: one semester or one academic year, depending on the agreements.
  • Mobility possible once per academic cycle (bachelor, master, doctorate)


3. Where?


4. How?

Stduents from the University of Orléans who are interested in an Erasmus+ study trip for the university year 2023-2024 can submit their application between 7 November 2022 to 20 January 2023 by clicking on the following link:

Late March: The results of the applications will be sent to your student e-mail.

Note that you will have until 1 April 2023 to accept or reject the offer.

A meeting will be organised to give you some useful information (Erasmus+ scholarships, Mobi-Centre, AMI, registration procedures in partner universities, housing information, etc.). The date will be announced later on.


Your BRI contact: