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Permanent Lecturer-Researcher

since September 2012, 66th section (Physiology)



Permanent Lecturer, Univ. Orléans, Department of Biology (since Sept. 2012)

Courses and levels : plant cell biology (1st year bachelor); plant ecology (1st year bachelor); plant morphology and plant anatomy (2nd year bachelor); water transport and mineral nutrition (2nd year bachelor, Master 1); agronomy and plant improvement (Master 1); biostatistics with R software (Master 1); plant responses to abiotic and biotic constraints (Master 2)



Permanent Researcher, Research Group on Woody Plant Biology, Ecophysiology (since Sept. 2012)

Key-words: forest ecophysiology; global change; poplars (cultivated hybrids vs. natural populations); water and carbon relations; physiology of plant water transport; drought-induced cavitation; xylem functional anatomy



2010-2012: Post-doc sojourn, University of Antwerp (Belgium), Research Group on Plant and Vegetation Ecology (PLECO)

Theme: water-use efficiency and water balance of a bioenergy plantation (POPFULL project)

Supervisor: Pr. Reinhart Ceulemans

2006-2010: Doctorate, University of Orléans (France), Research Group on Woody Plant Biology – INRA Orléans

Theme: xylem structural and functional variations and drought-induced plasticity in poplar

Supervirsors: Pr. Franck Brignolas and Dr. Gilles Pilate




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*: equal contribution.



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*: equal contribution.


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