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Electrophysiology plateform

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Coordinators: Pr S. Thany & A. Cartereau PhD

For 7 years, the LBLGC has gradually been equipped with several facilities dedicated to the development of electrophysiology techniques within the University of Orléans. The objective of this platform is to increase the possibilities of scientific collaborations and pooling of equipment between the different laboratories of the University of Orléans. First, within the SBCV cluster (CBM, ICOA, INEM, SCIAMS and I3MTO) and with the Centre Hospitalier Régional d'Orléans (CHRO), as part of the creation of AXE-ONE (Orléans Neuroscience Axis). Then, with the other laboratories located on the Orléans site (University and INRAE).

The platform is also involved in teaching, for practical work in animal experiments, for students in the 2R BBMC and BICG Masters at the University of Orléans, within the Biology-Biochemistry department.

This platform is also open to private partners in the form of collaboration or service contracts. In this case, specific pricing has been put in place to allow private partners access to the platform.



Prof. Steeve Thany ( / Dr. Alison Cartereau (


Patch-clamp station

Poste électrophysiologie


Patch-clamp with double microelectrodes station

Poste électrophysiologie double


The platform has two patch clamp electrophysiology stations. The two stations each have two "Scientifica" electromagnetic micromanipulators. One of the patch stations has an Axon amplifier capable of dual microelectrode. It is also possible to make patch on edge. Most of the equipment, amplifiers and interfaces are from the Axon brand.


Voltage-clamp station

Poste voltage clamp

Roboocyte 2 system

Roboocyte 2


We have two voltage-clamp dual microelectrode electrophysiology stations, including a Roboocyte 2 robotic system. The manual station is equipped with a Dagan amplifier and an Axon Digidata interface. The system is controlled by PClamp.


Calcium imaging station

Imagerie calcique


The platform has an OLYMPUS calcium imaging station, equipped with an inverted microscope and a "Scientifica" electronic micromanipulator, an electronic perfusion system and a compressed air ejection system allowing micro-injections into cells (neuronal or not). The probe currently used is the FURA2. But it is possible to use other probes depending on the experiences and needs of the users.