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Industrial Chair DELHYCE

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The University of Orléans obtains an Industrial Chair in the field of hydrogen

The University of Orléans is pleased to announce the funding acceptance of the DELHYCE Industrial Chair by the ANR (National Research Agency). The chair is held by Fabrice FOUCHER of the PRISME laboratory and supported by the companies STELLANTIS and RENAULT TRUCKS.

Congratulations to the members of the DELHYCE Industrial Chair consortium.

Industrial Chair DELHYCE

The DELHYCE Industrial Chair, entitled “Design of efficient, low-emission hydrogen internal combustion engines”, aims to build a methodology for retrofitting and redesigning hydrogen internal combustion engines, based on small displacement diesel engines for utility vehicles and larger displacement diesel engines for heavy goods vehicles, notably through the use of optical diagnostics to improve the flows and reactive hydrogen-air mixtures. Two STELLANTIS engines and one RENAULT TRUCKS engine will then be optimized and tested.

What is an Industrial Chair ?

An Industrial Chair, funded by the ANR (National Research Agency), aims to stimulate cooperation between public and private research actors with 3 objectives:

  • 1. Build and structure collaborative scientific research projects,
  • 2. Allow researchers to work on an ambitious, innovative research program of indisputable industrial scope.
  • 3. Provide training through Research, by offering doctoral and post-doctoral students the approach of the research work carried out according to a long-term vision in academic research laboratories coupled with the experience of the economic world operators.