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Artist Residence on Glass Materials

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 Artists in residence: Charles-Zoltan & Estelle Cala

Sculpture de verre - Estelle Cala


The United Nations has declared 2022 the year of glass, highlighting its role in science, technology, art and culture, as it "facilitates transitions to a more sustainable world and makes our lives more beautiful".


The University of Orléans invites plastic artist Estelle Cala and musician Charles-Zoltan to create and share their research around the glass material. 


Break glass objects to extract the sound of their soul. You will then be part of the creation of a unique sound bank.

Witness the archaeological extraction of a shattered statue scattered around the university. Gather the fragments of its glass body to recreate the original chimera.

Light modelling, sound projection, beyond-the-mirror performances, labyrinthine installations and many other surprises await you throughout the year for a journey into glass material: from its haptic surface to its translucent heart.