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Orléans has represented the teaching of Roman law throughout Europe. Today, its Faculty of Law, Economics and Management aims to be associated with the learning of the digital transformation of careers in law, economics and management.

The law school of Orléans, promoted to university in 1306, attracts students from all over the continent thanks to the quality of its teaching and the reputation of its teachers, who are mostly legal practitioners: Rabelais, Calvin, Perrault, Molière were students here, Pothier and Jousse were teachers here, two centuries before the ministers Léo Hamon and Roger-Gérard Schwartzenberg. Its disappearance in 1793 and its contemporary revival in 1966 was followed by more than half a century of successful innovative training, with regional anchoring and the quality of professional integration of our students as its main objective.

This prestigious past motivates us to aim high and far in our development projects.

Our three schools; Law School, Economics Institute, IAE, have a strong identity and personality, backed by their training and three research laboratories: the CRJ Pothier, the Laboratoire d'économie d'Orléans and Vallorem.

Our Bachelor's degree study programmes have been clarified with the unification of the economics and management Bachelor's degree, which prepares students for the IAE and IEO Master's degrees.

Within our Law School, the General Law Bachelor's degree provides all the fundamental legal teachings, with two more specialised Bachelor's degrees: European Law and Law-History.

Three Professional degrees (Insurance, banking, finance, Government procurement and Notarial careers) offer a quick integration to students who want to enter the professional world immediately.

Master’s degrees are also focused on the quality of integration, through internships and apprenticeships.

The digitalisation of careers offers a place of convergence for research and promising prospects for cooperation to offer a range of innovative university certificates and diplomas within a transversal school training for traditional "enhanced" careers and new careers.

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Management of Orléans is preparing to move in the heart of the regional capital, on the Porte-Madeleine site, in 2023. This will to reinforce our relationship with our partners, a guarantee of increased attractiveness, requires a renewal of our formal education offer.

Increasing our strengths' visibility, reinforcing our regional anchoring, our network of alumni and our "partners' club", succeeding in moving to the centre of Orléans' Val de Loire, animating our decentralised campuses, and spreading thanks to our international exchanges: all these are exciting challenges to meet together!
The Dean
Pierre Allorant