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Doing an Internship

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You are a student at the Bourges IUT and you must do a compulsory internship as part of your course? Have you considered doing it abroad?

The IUT offers you this opportunity, so seize it!

Come and talk to the head of the International Relations Office and read the content below for more information.

You can carry out an internship abroad via the International Volunteering scheme. It is a civilian service with a 6 to 24 months duration implemented by the French State in order to encourage the activity of young people and businesses abroad, and it is managed by the Business France organization. This type of trip is particularly made for students who wish to carry out a long internship after their studies (since it lasts minimum 6 months). There are missions available in numerous countries, with possible departures on the first day of every month. To learn more about this scheme, see the following website: 

The Bourges IUT and the University of Orléans are part of the ATHENA – European Univresity network. Within this framework, you can read the “International Traineeships” section on the following website if you are looking for an internship within a country member of the European Union and ATHENA partner: